Lose the four year pay freeze.
Keep our teachers.

Show your support for our hard-working Territory teachers and educators receiving a fair pay rise.

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It’s already hard enough to staff Territory schools. Our schools are underfunded and our teachers asked to do so much. Workloads are out of control. Unfilled vacancies are growing, especially for specialist positions, and 40% of teachers are employed on contracts.

On top of all of that, the Gunner Government expects teachers and other public servants to cop a four-year pay freeze. That means no wage increases until at least 2025.

A four-year freeze would be a disaster for our children, with hundreds of teachers packing their bags and looking for work elsewhere.

More than 1 in 5 teachers have said they will leave NT public education if a four-year pay freeze is enforced. Another quarter say they will strongly consider looking for work in other states.

That’s why we need to convince Michael Gunner to abandon his pay freeze, and give our teachers and educators the fair pay rise they deserve.